Normally we have one tryout date in June and one tryout date in July to select a 12 U team to do an August tournament and become our 13 U team the following year.   We will no longer use this process mainly because selecting players after seeing them just once or twice is not the best way.

 We will use the fall baseball camp and the following year spring training academy to select our 13 U team.   Players will work out with our older players on the big field  during the fall season beginning the Monday before Labor Day and ending the first weekend in October. And then our spring training academy happens the following January February and March. We will use these two events to evaluate and select players who really want to develop into being the best they can be.

This process will not only be used for 12-year-olds coming out a little league but any older players who wish to participate in the Curve Juniors program.
 Any questions please contact Coach B at 814–937–4562.

Thank You

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