Wednesday, July 27, 2016

On 07/27/16, Sports at the Beach wrote:
Please forward this email to all your team parents.
***Save your admission tickets for a chance to win prizes***
(3 prizes will be awarded each day).
 Winners will be posted in the Welcome Center daily. Winners must be present
 to receive prize.
Admission to Sports at the Beach is $7 per person, per day; players in
 uniform and children under 10 are not charged. A per person season pass can
 be purchased for $40 in the Welcome Center.
 • Swimming Pool and Sun Deck (in Season)
 • Plenty of ponds for fishing and relaxation opportunities
 • Youth Playground
 • Basketball Court
 • All Hallows playground and Dog Park
 • Walking Course
• All Events held on the grounds - car shows, craft shows, etc.
• Live Video Stream of all games• Door Prizes in Gift ShopSports at the Beach is non-smoking facility. The parking lot is the ONLY area
 for smoking.
We understand the need of coolers for the teams for water, Gatorade, etc.,
 but please do not bring large coolers of food into our facility.
Visit our Gift Shop for the tournament t-shirts as well as many other
Have you watched the tournament preview video yet? Did your team get picked
 to win? Watch our YouTube channel and enjoy! Follow us on Facebook and
 Twitter as well.
Can't get to the game? On your iPhone, iPad or iPod, go to the App Store and
 download the HiCast App to view games.
ThanksThe Staff at Sports at the Beach
 Sports at the Beach is located at: 22518 Lewes Georgetown Hwy, Georgetown, DE
 Toll Free: 800-969-9008
 Local: 302-856-7400
 Copyright 2016 | Sports at the Beach

Monday, July 25, 2016

Unofficial SATB Schedule

SATB 22518 Lewes Georgetown Hwy, Georgetown,
13u Red
Friday- Red Jerseys
8:00am (Field 13) 1:00pm (Field 10)
Saturday- White Jerseys
10:30am & 3:30pm (Field 13)

13u White- Red Jerseys
8:00am & 1:00pm (Field 11)
Saturday- White Jerseys
10:30am & 3:30pm (Field 11)

14u BB Cor -3
Friday-Red Jerseys
8:00am & 10:30am (Field 15)
Saturday-White Jerseys
8:00am (Field 15) 1:00pm (Field 14)

Friday - Red Jerseys
8:00am & 10:30am (Field 8)
Saturday- White Jerseys
8:00am & 1:00pm (Field 8)

Friday- Red Jerseys
3:30pm (Field 6)  6:00pm (Field 7)
Saturday-White Jerseys
8:00 am (Field 7)  10:30am (Field 6)

This Weeks (7-25-2016) Schedule

Monday 7-25 13u Inner Squad 5:30pm
Tuesday 7-26 14u-15u Inner Squad 5:30pm
Wednesday 7-27 18u Workout 5:30pm
Thursday 7-28 Optional  Hitting 6:00pm at SATB

Friday, July 22, 2016

2016 Fall Rosters and Schedule

The Fall rosters and schedule are completed.  Please check the "2016 Fall Schedule" page
for rosters, cost, and schedule.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Magnes Family

The Magnes family sends a great big THANK YOU to the Curve Jr family for the unbelievable amount of many gift cards, donations, and prayers!!!
Sherrie is doing better!  She is sleeping better at night and eating some.  She is speaking some through the speech valve.  They have moved her out of ICU and onto room 354.  She is also making progress with physical therapy.  Please continue with the prayers as she still has a ways to go

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Talent may get you on the field, but it's effort and attitude that will keep you there.
 Ken Griffey Jr

The way the team plays as a whole determines its success.  You may have the greatest stars
in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime.
Babe Ruth

Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is a process, Working together is success.
Henry Ford

It's hard to beat a person who NEVER gives UP.
Babe Ruth

Your character is more important than how good you are at a sport
Your athleticism is only temporary
But your character, the type of person you are lasts forever.
Be compassionate, Be grateful, Be honest, Be humble

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Congratulations Curve Juniors on a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

The Curve Junior program had a great weekend with the 14u and 13u teams both reaching the championship games at the Mansfield Tournament but more importantly improving the way they are playing the game!!!

The 14u won the championship 7-6 in a thriller with outstanding pitching, solid defense,
and good hitting throughout the weekend.  The 13u lost in the championship game 11-10 but
continue to show improvement each week!!!

Our 18u team playing in a showcase at Towson University went 2-1 on the weekend with some players drawing interest from some college coaches.


Monday, May 23, 2016

Miracle League

Often times when you are trying to be a blessing to someone, you are the one that walks away being blessed.  Some photos of our Saturday with the Miracle League.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Directions to Greenwood Park

From I 99 :  take Pinecroft Exit.  Proceed to to traffic light.  Turn left onto old 220.
                    Drive 1.8 miles and turn right onto Dartmouth Lane (before Choice gas station)
                    Go appx .6 miles turn left into Camalot Woods trailer court.  Make 1st right turn
                   And follow road around trailer court to top of hill. (LL field on right) Turn left
                    And field is on left.

                  GPS.  Use 1 Thunderbird Ct.  Altoona, Pa.  Continue past address.
                            (LL field on right). Turn left and field is on left.